About Us

Kabo Confinement Centre, conveniently nestled in between the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, is a professional, post-natal care centre for new parents and their newborns. Established in 2013, the inspiration behind Kabo Confinement Centre stem from our founder’s very own mother, a professional midwife who have nurtured and assisted hundreds of new mothers back to health during their most vulnerable yet most exciting moment of their lives throughout her decades-long career. Having understood the hardships of labour for women, our founder aspires to be the game-changer in this conventionally female-dominant industry and to continue his mother’s legacy in providing care and comfort for women who are entering motherhood. Kabo Confinement Centre was thus established with the vision to make the confinement experience a fuss-free comforting one for new mothers.
Here at Kabo, the health and comfort of new mothers and newborns is our number one priority. We believe that with little but attentive help and with effective methods that have been proven to succeed repeatedly over the years, Kabo aspires to ease new mothers into this exciting phase of their lives and to enable them to focus on bonding with their newborns whilst enjoying a pleasant road to recovery. Furthermore, both traditional and modern methods were used and combined at Kabo to ensure that new mothers receive the most effective care for their recovery. Our confinement treatments are all based on the best-preserved traditional practices, paired with modern knowledge backed by western medical science so that new mothers and their newborns receive only the best.
Do not hesitate to join us and begin your journey to a series of pampering and top-notch services from our professional team of nurses that would put you at ease - Our nutritious traditional Chinese confinement meal that will nourish your body to a speedy recovery, entertainments that will keep you occupied, post-natal massages to help relax your mind and body and not to mention all the professional support and knowledge you will need to take care of yourself and your newborn, all in our safe, spacious haven akin to your own home.

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