Kabo Confinement Centre, conveniently nestled in between the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, is a professional, post-natal care centre for new parents and their newborns. Established in 2013, Kabo aspires to make the confinement experience a fuss-free comforting one for new mothers, and our professional services will ease new mothers into this exciting phase of lives whilst enjoying a pleasant road to recovery. Join us and begin your exciting journey in our safe, spacious haven akin to your own home now!

家寶坐月中心于2013年在白沙罗成立,目的是为了帮助妇女应对产后护理并且为新父母准备育儿的相关技能。在这里, 我们将会为新父母做好充分准备,好让新父母能勇于面对分娩前后所面临的挑战。 我们的专业精神是照顾产后的您和您的新生儿,因为对于母亲来说,产后恢复体力是非常重要的,好让产后的母亲能快速恢复正常的生活。


The entire confinement period can be divided into four different stages:-

Stage 1 is to detox
Stage 2 is to recondition
Stage 3 is to nourish
Stage 4 is to build and maintain

A woman is at her weakest right after childbirth, it is therefore not advisable to immediately consume tonics or food that are overly nutritious. Strict compliance to the abovementioned stages is crucial in restoring her health. Here at Kabo, our confinement diet is adjusted at each stage according to the abovementioned stages to meet the nutrient requirements of the new mother.






Bukit Prima Pelangi

32, Jalan Prima Pelangi 3, Bukit Prima Pelangi, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

+6017-431 1108


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